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I know, I know. I haven’t posted in a long time and I haven’t posted about my trip back east this past summer either.  I’ll get to that.

I took a trip back in September to see the fall leaves. It was a “loop” that encompassed the headwaters of the Rio Grande river, the Sand dunes national park, as well as the standard fare of Colorado beauty.


Fall colors

The route took us through Gunnison and into Lake City. We spent the night in Lake City, traveling to Crede and points beyond the next morning.



“Pearl” was especially photogenic among the Aspens.

North Clear Creek Falls

North Clear Creek Falls was breathtaking in the afternoon sun, with the bottom just falling out of the plateau.

Big Sky


Sand Dunes

It’s interesting to see sand dunes in the middle of a high plains valley. It was a great trip with lots of colors and plenty of twisties. Our stay in Lake City was no less epic as we stayed in the same hostel that my daughter and I visited back in 2010. Not much had changed (in a good way).

My next moto blog will contain a lot more detail, pictures, and even video.


So, The return trip will look like this for travel:

Day 1: NC, TN
Day 2: AL, MS, AR
Day 3: AR, OK
Day 4: Off bike
Day 5: TX, NM, CO

Its gonna be fun! I had originally written the work ‘Epic’, but in retrospect, it’s not really EPIC. Now, a motorcycle trip from here to Spain, or around the world would be EPIC. but just a few thousand miles doesn’t quite qualify for the word, ‘Epic’.


The plan is to leave Boone NC around 0900 hrs after a wonderful breakfast with my family, then head south on the BRP (I have to get video of riding the viaduct on Pearl) then head south on hwy 221 after Grandfather mountain, and on into Asheville.

From there, I’m riding to Deals Gap and make a run on the dragon and collect my stickers, then head to the campsite near Chattanooga TN.  Highlights for the day will be:
1. The Linville Viaduct on the Blue Ridge Parkway
2. Tail of the Dragon
3. Cherohala Skyway

In reality, there is much more great riding in the area, but I’m hitting I-40 and Hwy 74 to save some time. Hwy 221 between Linville and I-40 and Hwy 28 by Fontana Dam are top shelf roads as well.


The start of Day 2 will be in Louisville, KY. I want to drive to my brother’s house near Mooresburg, TN. This gives me roughly 249 miles to drive, a pretty easy day by motorcycle. Google says around 5 hrs, but I know better. I did choose to forego any interstates, so that will add some time, but I think it will be worth it, looking at this  section of the route I chose:



After looking at some other ideas, I think my plan is to leave right at midnight Monday night. So I’ll make sure the bike is packed up Sunday afternoon and ready to go (minus fuel). I’ll come home Monday afternoon after work and grab supper, call Robin, Caleb, Shelby, and Andie, then hit the sack for about a 5 hour nap. I’ll set my alarm for 11:30 PM and get up and head out at Midnight, Monday night.

The plan is to knock out my Iron Butt ride Tuesday, from 00 hrs Tuesday morning to around 1630 hrs Tuesday afternoon. This should put me around Louisville, Ky. for day 1, just shy of 1100 miles.


I hope to arrive in Louisville around 1630 hrs (4:30 PM). I’ll get a room so I can get a good night’s sleep and a good meal.

Day 2, my brother Mark’s place near Bean Station, TN. I should be there around lunchtime, which will give me a good half day to visit and rest up from the marathon the day before.

Day 3, a quick trip through the Blue Ridge to Statesville and to see my beautiful family!!