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School plays, Cantatas, traffic, shopping trips, chaos, sleep deprivation, 29 hours worth of errands and only 24 hours in a day to complete them… ¬†While I was at work the other day, we received word that one of my peers’ wife passed away unexpectedly. That type of news tends to stop you in your tracks, especially in the midst of all the holiday chaos. My thoughts immediately switched gears to my mom and dad, and my older brother whom have all passed away. I miss them dearly, more so than I thought I ever would. I then started thinking about my immediate family and how devastating it would be to experience a loss now.

It’s a sobering topic, but one that screams “SILVER LINING HERE!” more so than any other. I cannot control my own mortality no more than I can influence the path of the sun in the solar system. The silver lining is this: God has given your days to you not to worry about dying, but to celebrate living. People go through their entire lives worrying about not tempting fate or making sure EVERY germ is cleaned or not putting themselves in harm’s way. “Finding Nemo” had a great quote when the over protective father talked about protecting his son so nothing would happen to him, and another fish pointed out, “If you don’t let anything happen to him, then NOTHING will happen to him.” I have been accused of taking too many risks, whether it’s riding my motorcycle, or driving my Jeep, or climbing and hiking. But I am living. I am leaving my mortality to God and I am experiencing all I can that He has provided for us on this earth. You really ought to try going over 100 miles per hour – its exhilarating! Everyone should jump out of an airplane at least once in their life, its so peaceful and serene. The beauty of a coral reef at 100 feet underwater is unmatched on land and nothing is more majestic than the horizon of the Rockies at 14,000 feet! I know this to be true because I’ve done them.

I want to teach my children to do more than exist, I want to teach them to live, to really live!