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I made it home from the east coast Saturday afternoon, 1700 hrs mountain time. What a trip! We got Andie settled into App state last week and spent the weekend, Monday, and Tuesday visiting her to make sure everything would be okay before I left for Colorado. I have to say that her roommate “Taylor” is a blessing; I really feel like God put those two together to re-assure me that He would take care of Andie. Taylor is a sweet person that loves God and it shows.

I finally got my internet hooked up at the house, so I will be in contact with the world again. I will also be able to post up some pictures of our new home soon.

We went to church this morning and the pastor spoke on remodeling your home – Letting God be the architect. Robin and I just smiled at each other because we did just that: We have let God remodel our life. Psalms 127 says that what God builds, He will also guard.


We are here. Geographically speaking, we are in Colorado Springs, Colorado. Specifically speaking, we are 1,280 miles from anyone or anything we’ve known. We’ve left our comfort zone of sweet tea, grits, sweltering summers and mild winters, family, and friends.

We were excited to go to¬† church this past Sunday, but which one? There are over 85 different religious organizations in the Colorado Springs area! Of course, I will be the first to tell you, I don’t want to go to a “religious” organization, I want to go to church. I read a positional article on leadership from a church called “Mountain Springs Church” which talked about how church leadership needs to be re-evaluated in order to facilitate evangelistic growth. I liked the article and decided we would go there. I sit here trying to describe the service, but I can only relate it to coming out of the desert. No pre-tense, no pride, no shame, no reservations.

Will this be our home church? I don’t know. I can’t tell you where we will be next year, but I can tell you that although it feels very scary to not know your future, it is amazingly peaceful knowing that your steps are being ordered by an all-knowing, loving God. No more pew warming, no more mediocre christian.