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I fancy myself as a modern day “Grizzly Adams”. I LOVE the mountains, snow, woods, wild animals (especially to eat and sometimes take pictures of). I don’t have a pet bear, but I DO have some ornery brothers.

I named my blog “LIKE HIKE”, but at the time, it was because I did a TON of hiking, camping, and Jeeping. However, looking back on my posts, and contemplating my relationship with the Lord and how He affects me on a daily basis, I am liking my blog title more and more. Its about our journey through this life. Its about applying God’s love and life to our own and what becomes of it.

After all the computers have been unplugged, all the lights dimmed, all the ammo expended, and all the Jeeps have run out of gas, I want to be found worthy of God’s grace and mercy. How does that happen? Simple, by knowing and truly understanding that there is NOTHING I can do to become worthy of God’s grace and mercy. Romans 3:23 “For ALL have sinned and fall short of the Glory of God.”

We sin every day, but I believe the act of sacrifice on the cross by Christ happened over 2000 years ago, and happens every day. It’s a journey, and heaven is the destination, and Christ is the Goal.


Our Pastor spoke about sex being about as close to heaven as we will get on this earth. While about 99.9% of the people on this earth would agree with him, probably for the wrong reason.

When you are intimate with someone, you are completely open, completely vulnerable, completely unclothed (both physically and emotionally) in the presence of another. This is a difficult place to be for any human, because it goes against our humanity, our fight to survive, our natural instinct to protect ourselves. What a dichotomy within us! We yearn for companionship, friendship, kinship, and yet our “natural” instinct is to push anyone and everything away.

Our physical and spiritual relationships are the same. We long for a Creator, someone that loves us, looks out for us, keeps us, yet we deny ourselves because we feel too ashamed to go before God and allow ourselves to be vulnerable, we are too ashamed to come before Him with nothing to hide behind. What we fail to realize (because we are focusing on ourselves and not Him) is that He CREATED us! He KNOWS what we look like, physically, emotionally, with or without clothes, and yet He STILL LOVES US!

When we accept our sinful nature, become comfortable in the fact that we will never be “good” enough and that’s not why God loves us in the first place, then we can enter a truly amazing relationship with Christ.


So many things have happened/are happening this week, it feels like complete chaos. However, it all pales in comparison to the forest fire that threatened my brother’s home in Tennessee. We got the call Saturday evening that a forest fire had burned over 2500 acres on the mountain he lives on. Robin and I immediately prayed for my brother’s protection along with his property. I can tell you that I had a peace about the whole thing and told my brother that I had a feeling his stuff would not be touched. It was nothing short of a miracle when not ONE building on his property was damaged by the fire. He has a storage shed, a workshop, a wood shed, and a carport and yet NOTHING was touched.

Follow all that excitement with my youngest daughter’s birthday, my oldest daughter acting like the freshman in college that she is, Thanksgiving and all the details, this week’s event calendar is full. I am denying any and all requests for further events this week.


I wasted no time in getting the new Jeep out on the trails. We took Saturday afternoon to explore the Rampart Range rd, coming down Mt. Herman rd to go home. We originally wanted to run Schubarth rd, but it was closed due to the Waldo Canyon Fire from this past summer.[singlepic id=217 w=320 h=240 float=right]

The Jeep did great, but is way different than the TJ. Its wider, the engine is not as “torquey” as the inline 6 was in the TJ, and the suspension is SO much softer.

The views were pretty nice, but nothing like the views from Sunday’s trip up Gold Camp rd. The views of Colorado Springs and the toll road on Pikes Peak were very impressive. This is a “must do” road when visitors come – its a well maintained road with off shoots if you want to do some more serious wheeling. Be sure and check out the pictures on the PHOTO page.[singlepic id=226 w=320 h=240 float=left]


So many things have happened since I posted on here; I vow to post up at least once a week from now on. It may be only pictures, but I will post on a regular basis.

Thursday, 25 OCT 12: Nationwide calls and says they need to close the claim on “Sara” (my black Jeep). It has been 4 months since the Jeep was totaled by a guy who was paying more attention to his cell phone than he was his own driving and decided to T-Bone us. I am not happy with the offer, but having talked to my insurance company and legal council, it was the best offer I was going to get. Looking online for Jeeps these past 4 months had gotten me discouraged since I had not found a suitable replacement for the money they were offering. I tell Nationwide I will call them back, and turn to talk to Robin. I turned to Robin and told her that I realized I will never get what the Jeep is worth to me and I was tired of fighting with it. I know that only the Lord will give me more than I deserve, and I am ready to just give the whole situation over to Him. Robin agrees, and we call Nationwide back and tell them we will take the offer, but would like to get some parts off the Jeep if we could. The claims agent said he would have to check and would give us a call back.

I go online once more, as I have done the last 4 months and put the criteria I am looking for in a Jeep (Manual tranny, manual windows, door locks, RUBICON) and hit enter. I didn’t put a price in this time, just to see what was out there. I got over 100 hits that came back, but the price was crazy high, most were close to $20K. So I hit the sort feature and sort from Low to High. The bottom six Jeeps were all right around the price I was able to pay for a Jeep. The first 5 were “okay” jeeps (2000 – 2004), not any were my favorite color, one had Rubicon wheels, but was not a real Rubicon, etc. [singlepic id=209 w=320 h=240 float=right]But the 6th Jeep in the list was a 2007 Rubicon, manual transmission, manual windows, manual locks, and the color was rescue green – The one color that I have ALWAYS wanted on my Jeep, before I even HAD a Jeep. I looked at the price, expecting it to be quite high, since it was so much newer than the other Jeeps, and couldn’t believe it! It was more than I was getting for my black Jeep, but only by a little bit. I showed Robin and told her it was probably a typo or something was major wrong with the Jeep, but I called anyway and asked the dealership to take extra pictures for me. They said the Jeep ran great and was in great shape. Robin smiled and said, “That’s YOUR Jeep!” I was not as confident as her and said, “We’ll see, we still have to come up with the extra money.”

Friday, 26 OCT 12: Nationwide calls back this morning and tells me I can take my brand new tires and custom rims off the Black Jeep if I can replace them with some different tires. My first thought is to keep them for my next Jeep, but Robin kept telling me the ’07 WAS my next Jeep and that I should sell the tires since the rims wouldn’t fit on the ’07. I said “okay” and told her that if God wanted me to have the ’07 Rubicon, then He would provide the extra money for it. I put an ad on a Jeep website that I frequent to see if anyone might want to buy the tires and rims. Not 10 minutes after I posted the ad, [singlepic id=214 w=320 h=240 float=left]I got an email from a guy in NY stating he wanted the tires and to consider them sold! Robin and I got excited, and she booked my flight to go get the Jeep. This is where it gets REAL exciting. I looked for Jeeps ALL over the nation and where do you think my Jeep was? Greensboro NC. I was flying back to NC to get my Jeep AND I would get to see my family on the way back out to Colorado.

Wait, it gets even better! I go pick up my Jeep on Thursday, 1 NOV 12 and it is just as clean and nice as was posted. I crawled under the Jeep and it didn’t have even one scratch on any of the skid plates – it had NEVER been off roaded. I had located some cheap tires and rims for the black Jeep on the way back to NC, but they were 40 minutes away and $250.00. I received an email while I was test driving the ’07, I was not able to get the spare tires. I did another search and found another set that was only 10 minutes from the dealership and cheaper. SCORE! I spent Friday with Shelby and went Friday afternoon to swap the tires off the black Jeep, but found when I got there that the storage facility had lost the key to the locking lugnuts – not good. A local tire shop tried to help by giving me several generic lugnut keys, but none of them worked. I had bought some really good locking lugnuts and the key was unique to that set. I could not locate a key over the weekend, so went back to the tire shop on Monday. Steve, one of the mechanics said he would try to get them off, but couldn’t promise anything. In the meantime, the guy from NY backed out of buying the tires. Steve was able to get the lugnuts off (To both his and my surprise). While we were swapping the tires, I get a phone call from a Jeeper in Greensboro, “Hey bud, are those tires still for sale?” Me: “Yes they are!” Him: “I’m in Charlotte now, how soon could I pick them up?” Me: “about 45 minutes!”. The guy shows up and doesn’t even question the price, he just tells me he likes them and would I help him load them up.

The moral of this rather long story is: God is REAL and He takes care of his children! Once I decided to let Him handle the situation, He worked it out where I got a better Jeep, the color I’ve always wanted, and even provided the extra money to pay for it. When God takes care of us, he doesn’t give us junk, He doesn’t do just an “Okay” job. He gives us the best! We just have to surrender all to Him and allow Him to do it. I doubted the Jeep (thought is was too good to be true), I doubted the tires (Didn’t see any way to get them off), I doubted I would be able to sell them, etc. I doubted, but because I was faithful to give the situation to Him in the first place, God delivered! I don’t doubt anymore.