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It is my birthday today. I normally try not to make a big deal out of it. I sometimes didn’t like it when it rolled around, and a few were spent in places where I celebrated only by saying a quiet, “Well, you’re a year older, old man.” But today is different. Today, I woke up to a southern breakfast (biscuits, eggs, grits, and bacon) with coffee and orange juice, and my wife and son rattling off the Happy Birthday song. I will talk to my daughters today and that will complete my day, well before it is over. And my wife gave me what I think is THE perfect card – it reads:

My Husband, My blessing
I love the life we share.
because even though
we’ve been through
some difficult times,
we can thank God
that we’re not just stronger,
we’re closer than ever…
…and we know
that as long as we have Him
and each other –
we have everything
we’ll ever need.

God has a purpose for me, He has a job for me to do and my birthday just brings me one day closer to that purpose. So I say with a peace in my heart and a joy in my spirit, “Happy Birthday to me!”


This past weekend, our life group got together and went hiking. Kind of fitting since the Life Group’s name is life hike. It was a great time of treasure hunting for the kids, fellowship for the adults, and a chance to breath fresh air and admire God’s handy work in nature for all.Treasure Hunting at Ute Valley Park

The weather was a bit windy at times, but overall, a beautiful day to be outside. After all the talking, walking, and enjoying nature, we went back to Randy & Kim’s for lunch. It was really cool to see the girls sitting around talking after lunch while the kids played in the back yard and the men went to play in the front yard. It was just a really great time of fellowship. lhgroup1