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What a crazy weekend! My great nephew Matt Edholm turned 21 and we got to celebrate with him, we got pounded with snow, went to see the Hobbit: Desolation of Smaug, AND was able to witness the thumping Denver took from Seattle in the Superbowl.

30 Jan 2014

30 Jan 2014

The snow: It started snowing Thursday afternoon and literally, did not stop until Sunday morning. we ended up with close to 11 inches (as measured from the patio table on the back deck). The temperature hovered around 20 ~ 23 the whole time and very little wind if any. It makes for a manageable snow event. There were accidents on the road, but no one got stranded, there was a power outage, but not in our area. It made going to see the Hobbit movie on Friday night quite enjoyable as you didn’t have the throngs of people; there were very few people there and we got to pick our seats.

Matt turned 21 on Friday, and came to the house Saturday morning for a southern breakfast (grits, eggs, biscuits, bacon, etc.) cooked by Robin. Matt brought over a few board games that he wanted to play, so we got started on setting up Axis and Allies 1914 (WWI). We only got through 1.5 turns (they take a long time) before Skip came by and we headed out to Buffalo Wild Wings to meet some of Matt’s buddies from Carson. We had a really good lunch/supper there, then came home to play the board game of civilization. It was 0100 before we finished up, so Matt and company crashed at the house, then got up for church the next morning. We all met at Chad’s for the superbowl party/disaster (I was rooting for Denver).

All in all, it was a jam packed weekend, but a good one. I am proud of my nephew, he is representing our family quite well.